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Rules & Regulations

Post  [Admin] Seven on Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:17 pm

Important Reminder:
Do Not Be A Big headed jerk. You need to know who is in CHARGE. and it is not you so better watch your mouth mod or not .
General Rules
1).No Posting Of Porn or Warez.
-> any offence found will result to immidiate ban of accounts. No Excuses.

2).No Advertising Of Own Site.
-> Any Links Advertised that is a Gaming Site, Hacking Site, Or Any Unneccessary Sites or any sites that affects the
Gz Gaming Community Will Result to Minimum Of 20 Days Ban and Maximum Of PERMANENT BAN.

3). No Flaming Of Members
-> Any Offence found will result to Minimum of 30 Days Ban. and Maximum Of Permanent Ban.
-> For VIP's = Deduction of 10 Days to your Days. If its less than 10 days left revokation of your VIP.
-> For Moderators And Administrators, You will be DISMISSED of your Current status. No Excuses.

4). Falsification Of Gz Gaming Documents.
-> Includes your hack releases. or name and Facebook accounts or what ever. it will cause you IMMIDIATE IP BAN
VIP or Moderator Whatever your rank is.

5). Phising Accounts.
-> Any crimes caused by this will cause IMMIDIATE IP BAN. What ever your rank is.

6). Phising Any Other Accounts / Loads.
-> Any Crimes caused will mean immidiate IP BAN whatever your rank is.

7).Begging Of CHEATS.
-> Any Offence will mean BAN of Account. Minumum of 20 Days Maximum of Permanent Ban.

8.). Spamming The Forums Or Chatbox.
-> Any Offense will mean BAN in the Chatbox and BAN of Accounts minimum of 30 Days Max of Permanent Ban.

9). Speaking Obsene Languages.
-> Any Offense will cause PERMANENT Ban Of Account What Ever your rank is.

10). Hacking The Site DataBase.
-> Worst Of All Crimes. Will Cause IMMIDIATE IP Ban and What Ever Account You make WE BAN IT.


Misc Rules.
1). Do Not Make A Complaint to us when your accounts get hacked. specially when we are not responsible for it.

2). CHEATS Posted by other Members is not our Responsibility.

3). When a public hack is released and is detected DO NOT SPAM THE FORUMS OF "DETECTED!!!" Words We Get It. 1 is
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